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How do I find materials held in the Center's flat graphics collection?

Humphrey Bogart in a publicity photo for The Maltese Falcon, with phone and cigarette.
Humphrey Bogart: from our Photos and Flat Graphics Collection

The materials held in the Center's flat graphics collections can be searched online, through our flat graphics catalog -coming soon!. The catalog is divided into four indexes, which must be searched individually: the Film Title Index, the Television Title Index, the Theater Index, and the Name Index. In other words, a researcher interested in both the film and television versions of Gidget would have to search the Film Title Index and the Television Title Index.

It is important to note that the flat graphics catalog does not contain any actual images. Instead, it gives the type and number of flat graphic materials related to a given title or person.

Full lists of the contents of the Center's Subject Files can be downloaded in PDF form.

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