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Search the WCFTR Collections

There are two ways to find out about the WCFTR (and WHS) collections in detail.


ArCat is the Archives Catalogue.  It allows you to search by author, title, subject, and keyword.  It will bring up a short descriptive entry for each collection, with related links to other collections.  If you see the notation:  Register Available Online, this means that the detailed Finding Aid for this collection has been digitized and is available online.  Click on that and you will be taken to the relevant Finding Aid page.  Not all collections have online finding aids; for those that do not, researchers must consult printed finding aid files in the Archives Research Room at the Wisconsin Historical Society (or contact us).


Finding Aids are detailed descriptions of WCFTR (and WHS) collections that not only give you far more information about each collection, but allow you to search by keyword through the collection, at the file level.  This allows you to see if there are any files in the collection relevant to your subject, and to see how many there are and in what part of the collection.  You cannot pull up the actual documents digitally, but must come to the WHS to consult the actual files.


This page offers tips and instructions for locating films, videos and manuscript collections using ArCat.

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